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Woodward A. Wickham Butterfly Garden


Woody Wickham Butterfly Garden

The late Woodward “Woody” Wickham could look out from his apartment and gaze at North Pond and the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum.

His love of nature inspired him to work with the Nature Museum to create the Woodward A. Wickham Butterfly Garden. Beginning in 2009, Museum and North Pond visitors had the chance to enjoy a serene setting, rich with butterflies and the flowering plants that provide their nectar.

In 2011, the Woodward A. Wickham Butterfly Garden expanded and became a featured part of the Museum’s first outdoor exhibition Nature Trails. Here, guests enjoy colorful butterflies while sitting on a simple bench honoring Woody, a place for people to take a respite from our constantly plugged-in world.

The Museum welcomes gifts to honor Woody and continue to enhance this wondrous garden.

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