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Custom Professional Development


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Bring engaging, inquiry-based science to your school!

The Nature Museum offers a variety of professional development workshops tailored specifically for your school’s needs and designed to help teachers address STEM learning and the Next Generation Science Standards. Professional development hosted at the Museum or at your school engages teachers in collaborative discussions and model lessons. Choose from the following topics: 

Teaching Inquiry

Discover strategies for teaching hands-on, thought-provoking science using the Nature Museum’s model of inquiry. Discuss how to implement inquiry in the classroom and involve students in asking and answering questions using inquiry. Participate in hands-on inquiry activities to inspire classroom activities and receive support in planning inquiry-based lessons.

Next Generation Science Standards

Overwhelmed by a new set of standards? Not sure where to start? We can help! Museum educators will familiarize you with the three dimensions of the Next Generation Science Standards. We will break it down into easily manageable sections to enhance discussion and understanding of the concepts. We will help you navigate the available resources and model a NGSS-aligned lesson.

Nature in our Neighborhood

Connect students to the nature they see everyday. Getting students outside for nature walks and observation is a great way to explore science and connect students to their communities. Explore hands-on, interdisciplinary techniques and activities for using the natural resources right outside your school to get students interested in learning science. Practice ways to involve students in the process skills of observation, data collection, and conducting investigations using the schoolyard or a local park as the inspiration.

Non-fiction Literacy

One of the shifts in learning as part of Common Core Language Arts standards is “Regular practice with complex texts and their academic language”. Learn new strategies to incorporate complex non-fiction science texts into your classroom. Build students’ understanding of academic language through integration of hands-on activities with direct connections to appropriate grade-level texts.   

$200/hour for up to 30 teachers; $300/hour for 30 to 60 teachers. Each workshop is a minimum 2 hours. Workshop fee includes workshop supplies, printed materials, administrative fees and Nature Museum staff time and/or travel. Teachers will receive packets of teaching resources. 

For more information or to schedule a custom workshop, contact Teacher Programs at or 773-755-5100 x 5034.

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