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Backyard Adventures


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Children digging

As the weather gets colder, come inside to learn about the science in your own backyard. There is more to a backyard than you imagine! See the world from a bee's-eye view, study the zoology of nocturnal animals, learn about growing giant vegetables, play backyard sports, and much more. Backyard Adventures demonstrates that science is in everything and everyone can be a scientist.

Access to Backyard Adventures is included with admission.

There's More To Your Backyard Than You Imagine!

Backyard Adventures gives families and children the chance to see the unseen and take a closer look at the world around them! Become more aware of your local world and see how things interact in and around it in a new, fun way.

Children can investigate what their favorite backyard critters do at night with night vision, play dress up and get a bee's-eye view of the world, dig through the "dirt" in an augmented reality garden bed, and even play a round of Garden Golf!

Visitors of all ages will also be able to meet a variety of living backyard bugs collected by our resident entomologist, learn how to build a backyard ecology with helpful tips from our horticulturist, and see beautiful bird and mammal specimens from our historic collections. Informational interactive games like Nectar Collector, Plant vs. Insect, and the Giant Pumpkin Bonanza game show round out the fun!

Head on over to the Nature Museum to explore Backyard Adventures!

Children playing in Backyard Adventures

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