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Frogs: A Chorus of Colors


Closes January 22

Fiery oranges, brilliant purples, rich blues, and every color in-between—frogs come in an astonishing array of colors! These vibrant and vocal creatures are found in nearly every corner of the earth, from lush rainforests to parched deserts. Leap into their amazing world and encounter more than 70 frogs in this awe-inspiring ex-“ribbit”!

Frog Fun for the Whole Family

Frogs: A Chorus of Colors immerses families and children in the sights and sounds of frogs! These amphibians are among the most visually stunning, vocally pleasing, and adaptively remarkable life forms on earth. If you’ve never thought of frogs as beautiful, this exhibition will change your mind!

Get eyeball to eyeball with delicate tree frogs, fat bullfrogs, bizarre horned frogs, elegant poison dart frogs and more in this hands-on, minds-on family adventure! Visitors can activate recorded frog calls, view videos of frogs in action, spin a zoetrope, and test frog knowledge on subjects from basic to bizarre.

Children will also learn through play in this exhibit by gliding like a flying frog on a zip line, testing their jumping skills against various frogs, and controlling a frog tongue to catch their lunch!

Hop into the Nature Museum to experience Frogs: A Chorus of Colors before it closes on January 22.

Frogs: A Chorus of Colors was created by Peeling Productions at Clyde Peeling's REPTILAND.

Curious Frog Facts

What is the difference between a frog and a toad?
Toads are frogs. The word “toad” is usually used for frogs that have warty skin, short hind legs and live on land.

What is the world’s largest frog?
The goliath frog of West Africa is the world’s largest. It can grow to 15 inches and weigh up to 7 pounds – about the size of a newborn human.

What is the world’s smallest frog?
The smallest may be the Cuban tree toad which only grows to 1/2 inch long. 

How many kinds of frogs are there?
At last count there were over 4,000 species of frogs world-wide, but scientists continue to find new ones every year.

Do frogs drink?
No. Most frogs absorb all of their water through their skin. Many have a “special drink” patch on the belly. 

Are there frogs that can kill a person?
No frog is truly a threat to humans, but some can be dangerous if handled or eaten. There are at least three species of frogs in South America with skin toxins capable of killing a human – the golden poison frog carries enough poison to kill 10 people!

How many eggs does a frog lay?
Some frogs lay only a few eggs, others lay as many as 30,000 at a time.

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