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Our House


Build, play, and discover the future of home design in our newest hands-on exhibit, Our House! Explore a giant wood block house. Play touchscreen games. Be a home builder for a day, putting your imagination to work to create houses equipped to handle extreme weather and climate change. And see how we can reduce our environmental impact and support the natural habitats in our own backyards.

Packed with fun, interactive experiences, Our House takes children and adults through four climate change challenges and showcases creative solutions that reduce our environmental impact and support natural habitats for plants and animals. From the man-made environment to the natural environment, the Nature Museum is the best place for families to explore living with, and slowing down, climate change. Visit Our House and explore together!

Check out the video below for a sneak peek.

Things to do in Our House:

  • Explore a giant wood block house filled with interactive activities
  • Walk into a backyard and learn about the animals that inhabit our yards and neighborhoods
  • Learn how we can tell climate change is occurring
  • Investigate new building materials and methods
  • Solve climate change challenges facing our homes like flooding, hurricanes, drought, wildfire, and snow
  • Build homes equipped to withstand extreme weather events, reduce our environmental impact, and support natural habitats
  • Learn ways we can support natural habitat for our non-human neighbors
  • Watch a landscape transform as a settlement changes the natural environment over time
  • Manipulate the main CO2 causes found in our homes: power, materials, HVAC, and water
  • Lend a hand to help our community tree grow

Interested in renting Our House for your museum or science center? Click here for more information.


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Exhibit Partner: Arckit

In-Kind Exhibit Donors: Dwell Earth, Habitat for Humanity ReStore Chicago, Just Windows Ltd.

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