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The Bird House


The Bird House

Closes June 3

See and meet gorgeous exotic birds without leaving the city!

The Bird House features live, loud, and beautiful macaws, stunning aracari, exotic serama chickens, and native bobwhite quails. Learn about where these exotic birds live, what they eat, and some of the amazing adaptations that help them survive in their native habitats. Then, discover some of the fascinating bird species you can find in your own backyard.

Live Bird Showcase!
Every day, 11:30am*

Meet one of our very special guests in The Bird House and speak with our biologists about the amazing adaptations of birds all over the world — including local species you can see right here in Chicago.

Be sure to join us during the dates below to see all three sets of resident birds during the exhibit’s run:

January 2 through 16

Blue-throated Macaw, Blue and Gold Macaw, and Hyacinth Macaw

January 18 through March 19

Serama Chicken and Bobwhite Quails

March 24 through June 3

Blue-headed Macaw and Ivory-billed Aracari

Complete with live plants and custom scenery, this exhibit is our largest live animal exhibit, second only to the Judy Istock Butterfly Haven!

Blue-Throated Macaw, Ivory_billed Aracari, and Bobwhite Quails collage

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