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Explore the forest canopy – indoors!

Hang out in the trees in our new exhibit, TreeHouses. Set foot into an indoor tree house and explore who and what is living in the trees through stereoscopic viewfinders, tracking clues, natural artifacts, and sounds. Roam from tree to tree to discover the many habitats that trees provide for animals large and small.

How do animals adapt themselves to their tree habitats? What kinds of animal clues can you look and listen for in the forest? How do people use trees for their homes? Uncover answers to these questions and other fascinating facts while playing and investigating in this fun forest experience. You might be surprised to find out who’s living in your own backyard!

Exhibit Sponsored By

U.S. Forest Service - International Programs

Fun Forest Highlights:

  • child and caregiver in treehouse

    Explore the TreeHouses

    Get started by exploring the TreeHouses themselves! Look for signs of animals and hop across the wobbly bridge connecting the TreeHouses together. Look up, look down, and look under to spot a variety of tree-dwelling critters.

  • caregiver and child with viewfinder

    Get a closer look from the Crow's Nest

    Scramble into the Crow's Nest to get closer to the animals above. Look into a periscope to get a glimpse at elusive critters hibernating among the tree roots. Then head over to the hollow tree trunk diorama to see how one critter's tree house becomes a home for other animals over the years.

  • children on sound floor

    Go wild on the Forest Sound Dance Floor

    Wave your hands and move your feet to create a symphony of forest sounds, including bear grunts, turkey gobbles, and more! Once you've created your calls, track your fellow forest animals by looking for footprints, claw marks, and other signs. Then explore these animals up close through animal mounts positioned in the trees.

  • child building with tools

    Build your own tree house

    Tinker with blocks and more to create your own mini tree house. Draw inspiration from modern tree houses from around the world and create your own unique masterpiece. Go big or go little, the choice is yours!

TreeHouses, Produced by Environmental Exhibit Collaborative with support from Jane's Trust, the Cabot Family Charitable Trust, and the Institute for Museum and Library Services.

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