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  • Bunking with the Butterflies: A Night in the Life of a Girl Scout at the Nature Museum


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    Created: 2/6/2015      Updated: 1/9/2018

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    Girl Scouts playing with animal antlers and pelts during a Nature Museum overnight program

    6:00:  I arrived at the Museum to find 150 other girls with sleeping bags and pillows, waiting to see where we’d be sleeping for the night.

    6:30:  After dropping off our belongings, we all came together in a GIANT circle to meet the staff, sing some songs, and go over the rules for the evening.

    7:00:  I GOT TO MEET A TURTLE. His name is Bob and he’s a Blanding’s turtle. They are an endangered species. I can’t believe I got to pet him!

    7:30:  My troop just got to explore the Museum’s exhibits…and we were the only ones there! It was so cool to have the whole place to ourselves. We built dams in RiverWorks, then spent a long time watching the animals in the Rainforest Adventure exhibit. So cool!

    8:00:  Now I know how to tell the difference between a fox squirrel and a grey squirrel.  I got to touch some real (but no longer living) squirrel specimens and play this fun matching game where I had to find two pictures of squirrels of the same species that matched.

    8:30:  I just ate some popcorn and other snacks in Nature’s Lunchbox.  I loved the chance to hang out with my friends.

    9:00:  Craft time! We made these awesome seed bombs out of clay, dirt, and seeds. I can’t wait to plant it in my backyard.

    9:30:  It’s time to start getting ready for bed. I rolled out my sleeping bag, then I brushed my teeth and changed into my PJs. 

    11:00:  Lights out. I AM SLEEPING AT THE MUSEUM. Ah!

    ::next morning::

    7:00:  Time to wake up! So soon?! 

    8:00:  We had breakfast together and got our badges that prove that we spent the WHOLE NIGHT at the Museum.

    8:30:  Before the Museum’s even open, we got the special chance to explore the Butterfly Haven.  Since we had the place to ourselves, I had a chance to look more closely than usual at everything in there. I didn’t know there were birds in the haven! I love the button quail, running around among the plants. I’m going to come back and visit them again.

    9:00:  I stopped by the gift shop to buy a souvenir from this great trip. I got a stuffed turtle who I’m going to sleep with from now on so I always remember the night I spent at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum.

    Girl Scouts examining reptile and amphibian specimens in jars during a Nature Museum overnight program

    Sounds like a great time, right? Well, this is a REAL experience for young girls at the Museum. We are recruiting Girl Scout troops for two upcoming overnights this spring:

    Juniors (4th and 5th graders): April 24-25

    Brownies (2nd and 3rd graders): May 8-9


    $45/girl, $15/chaperone

    If you know a Girl Scout who might like to participate in this unique program, please have her troop leader visit our Overnight Programs page to register or learn more. Questions can be directed to or 773-755-5100 x5037. 

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