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It's Time to get your Bug on!


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Created: 7/22/2013      Updated: 8/9/2016

It’s Time to Get Your Bug On!

Summer has finally arrived in Chicago with it the endless array of festivals. Not to be outdone, the Nature Museum will once again be celebrating all things invertebrate with its fifth annual Bugapalooza event. So if boiling your brains out with music in Grant Park with several thousand others is not your idea of a fun time (or even if it is, you can do both) why not head over to the museum on August 2nd and delve into the delights of entomology?

Wasp on flower

We will have a great selection of bugs on display in our highly popular Bug Zoo with experts on hand to give you all the fascinating facts about these often overlooked creatures. You'll get the chance to learn about bug diets when we do our Bug Feeding Program and we'll also be doing Bug Walks on the museum grounds to show you the vast array of species that call our prairie landscape home.


Along with Bug Crafts, Bug Coloring and Bug Tattoos we will also be throwing down the gauntlet to see how adventurous you are feeling by offering you some tasty dishes to try where the key ingredient is, you guessed it, BUGS!!


Our collections staff will be on hand demonstrating the delicate art of insect pinning and we will have our neighborhood apiarist here to explain the skills of bee keeping whilst our younger visitors can learn how bees dance. You will even get the chance to see our Leaf-cutter Ant Colony up close too.


Of course no celebration of the invertebrate world would be complete without a special ‘after hours’ opportunity to visit our iconic Butterfly Haven and to cap off the evening we will be doing a First Flight Butterfly Release. To register for this great event, simply click on this link.

Celeste Troon, Director of Living Collections

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  • Holly Faust said (on 10/2/2013 )

    I have to know what that moth is in the picture for this event. I found one today on our nature center back door and another north of here on the wall at a coutry drive up at Burger King! I have looked at moths my whole life from coast to coast and have never seen one like this! Please inform me. Thank-you!

  • Doug Taron said (on 10/2/2013 )

    Hi Holly. The moth is a Maple Spanworm (Ennomos magnaria). They are relatively common here. This one was photographed right here at the Nature Museum almost exactly a year ago.

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