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Chicago Volunteer Expo


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Created: 2/6/2013      Updated: 5/27/2015
Remember back in November when we blogged about all the ways your life will improve when you start volunteering? Well we have great news for you. We are hosting the first-ever Chicago Volunteer Expo right here at the Nature Museum on February 10th. This is your chance!

This Sunday, you can meet folks from over 60 nonprofit organizations in need of smart, talented volunteers to do such a wide variety of projects that we can only mention a fraction of them in this blog post.

Working Bikes Cooperative needs handy mechanics to repair bicycles. The Chicago Bird Collision Monitors want volunteers to traverse the city rescuing injured birds. FreeGeek Chicago is looking for people to help recycle old computer parts and teach community members how to use them. Sarah’s Circle needs volunteers to lead workshops in nutrition, job searching, and self defense for women who are homeless in Uptown.

There are so many ways to help out and so many needs to be met. But here’s the big secret. This Expo is not really for the organizations. It’s for YOU. 

For anyone who made a new year’s resolution to give back to their community. For anyone who wants to fight for the cause they truly care about. For anyone who wants to add a little meaning to their workaday lives. You are the people these nonprofits are searching for. Come meet them at the Chicago Volunteer Expo and start the conversation. 

Did we mention it’s free?

Sunday, February 10
10 am to 4 pm
Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum
2430 N Cannon Drive
Free! All ages welcome!

Jill Doub, Sarah and Nick Anderson
Organizing Committee for the Chicago Volunteer Expo

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  • Jill Doub said (on 2/7/2013 )

    Thanks for your interest, Renuka! We're all full for this year's Volunteer Expo. There are almost 60 organizations registered and over 30 more on the waiting list. Please do check back with us next year, as we hope to make this an annual event. If you'd like to send me your organization's contact information, I'll be sure to send you advance notice about future Expos.

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