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Project Squirrel Foraging Data


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Created: 5/23/2013      Updated: 8/10/2016
Squirrel eating corn

Project Squirrel will be conducting foraging studies on urban squirrels throughout the summer. Members of our team will put out foraging trays like these on at least four consecutive days twice in a month. Trays are placed in the morning and retrieved each evening. Data are collected by looking at how much corn was consumed and how it was consumed. We would like to increase the number of sites we are studying. If you live in or near Oak Park or River Forest and have a tree 15 cm in diameter at breast height in both the front and back yards and might be interested in letting us use your yard for the study, please email Steve for more details.

Steve Sullivan, Senior Curator of Urban Ecology

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  • Michael Reed said (on 6/13/2013 )

    Nice research topic. On another subject, have you studied the ecology of vacant lots in Chicago, IL before?

  • Steve said (on 6/27/2013 )

    Not specifically, though there are people who have. Anecdotally one thing I've noticed is a significant drop in the number of garter snakes and toads. I'm told that green snakes, fox snakes and cricket frogs used to be very common but I've never found those in Chicago. I have a friend who, as a child used to catch Massasaugas in Chicago but those are now all but gone from the state. Mowing and cats are a deadly combination for many species that could otherwise live in vacant lots.

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