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Squirrel Appreciation Day


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Created: 1/21/2013      Updated: 8/10/2016

Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day! Of course, here at the Nature Museum, we celebrate squirrels every day but the rest of the world officially joins us on the 21st of January, every year. It’s a great occasion to stop and think about all of the fun (and challenges) that squirrels bring to us. At this time of year all of the ground squirrels are sound asleep. They’re hibernating because during winter (at least normal ones) it’s difficult to obtain enough food to stay warm. The famous Punxsutawney Phil will awake from his hibernation shortly to give his input on the coming weather. However, tree squirrels are active all year, subsisting off nuts that they cached during the fall. 


For many people, tree squirrels provide the most intense interaction we have with a wild mammal. In the Chicago region, we often take the seemingly-silly antics of tree squirrels for granted. In fact, squirrels could live anywhere that people do and they are found in towns across the country. However, there are many towns, even in Illinois, that don’t have any tree squirrels at all. In other towns there may only be one species while other towns may have two species or more. Why is this? What does it tell us about the ecology of our neighborhoods? Help us answer these questions and celebrate Squirrel Appreciation day at

Steve Sullivan, Senior Curator of Urban Ecology

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  • Melvin L Williams said (on 8/2/2013 )

    Hi, I just wanted to tell you we have a group of young squirrels that keep everyone in stitches. I live in a senior citizen high rise i have been here since 19995 and the few people who enjoy feeding them have really taken to one who was born with a cataract on his left eye. He was having a hard time finding food that was tossed at him, some how one of the ladies got him to take the nuts out of her hand. His tail was very scrawny and he was very thin for a while but hes ok now. And there is one who showed no fear at all he jumps up on the bench next to us and help himself from the bags we have next to us. He will sit and eat one or two then he would start burying them.

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