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The Academy photography collection includes thousands of still photos and more than 1,300 motion pictures representing some of the earliest natural history photography. Many were made by Academy scientists and local naturalists who were using the then new technology to study the Chicago Wilderness region. Many of their images record now lost landscapes of the Midwest.

Manuscripts and Institutional Archives

The Academy’s archives contain more than 100 linear feet of manuscripts and 400 linear feet of institutional records and ephemera including field journals, maps and drawings, and publications. The collection is strongly focused on the Midwest and documents local naturalists’ studies of the region’s ecosystems, flora, and fauna. Types of materials include letters and personal correspondence, field notes, maps, drawings, research files and notes, printed materials, scrapbooks, photographs, meeting minutes, calendars, ephemera, and other materials.

Finding aids are available for the manuscript collections. The following is a list of the manuscript collections. Please contact the Collections Department to request additional information or to schedule an appointment to visit the archives.

Manuscript Collection Name

Finding Aid

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Andrews Family Papers (Edmund Andrews, M.D., Irene D. Andrews, and Edward W. Andrews, IV) Andrews Family Finding Aid
Elizabeth E. Atwater Papers Elizabeth E. Atwater Finding Aid
Laura Brodie Papers Laura Brodie Finding Aid
Charles B. Cory Papers Charles B. Cory Finding Aid
William C. Davidson, U.S.N. Papers William C. Davidson Finding Aid
Francis S. Dayton Papers Francis S. Dayton Finding Aid
Ruthven Deane Papers Ruthven Deane Finding Aid
William Dreuth Papers William Dreuth Finding Aid
C.W.G. Eifrig Papers C.W.G. Eifrig Finding Aid
Ralph M. Eiseman Papers Ralph M. Eiseman Finding Aid
Benjamin T. Gault Papers Benjamin T. Gault Finding Aid
Gregory Brothers Papers (Stephen S. Gregory, Jr. and Arthur Tappan Gregory) Gregory Brothers Finding Aid
Edward G. Howe Papers Edward G. Howe Finding Aid
Roger F. Howe Papers Roger F. Howe Finding Aid
Robert Kennicott Papers Robert Kennicott Finding Aid
Komarek Family Papers (Betty Komarek, Edwin V. Komarek, Sr., Roy V. Komarek) Komarek Family Papers Finding Aid
William I. Lyon Papers William I. Lyon Papers Finding Aid
J. de Navarre Macomb, Jr. Papers J. de Navarre Macomb, Jr. Finding Aid
Margaret Morse Nice Papers Margaret Morse Nice Finding Aid
Ida E.S. Noyes Papers Ida E.S. Noyes Finding Aid
Kathryn Olmstead Papers Kathryn Olmstead Finding Aid
Amanda Parelius Papers Amanda Parelius Finding Aid
Herman S. Pepoon Papers Herman S. Pepoon Finding Aid
Donald T. Ries Papers Donald T. Ries Finding Aid
Robert Ridgway Papers  Robert Ridgway Finding Aid
Harry D. Sicher Papers Harry D. Sicher Finding Aid
Winnifred Smith Papers Winnifred Smith Finding Aid
William Stimpson Papers William Stimpson Finding Aid
Reuben M. Strong Papers Reuben M. Strong Finding Aid
Leon F. Urbain Papers Leon F. Urbain Finding Aid

Institutional Records Collection Name

Finding Aid

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Burnham Astronomical Society Records Burnham Astronomical Society Records Finding Aid
Chicago Entomological Society Records Chicago Entomological Society Records Finding Aid
Chicago Herpetological Society Records Chicago Herpetological Society Records Finding Aid
Chicago Historical Society Records Chicago Historical Society Records Finding Aid
Chicago Ornithological Society papers Chicago Ornithological Society papers Finding Aid
Chicago Wilderness Records Chicago Wilderness Records Finding Aid 
Chicagoland Bird-Banding Conference Records Chicagoland Bird-Banding Conference Records Finding Aid
Conservation Council Records Conservation Council Records Finding Aid
Cowles Botanical Society Records Cowles Botanical Society Records Finding Aid
Field Museum of Natural History Records Field Museum of Natural History Records Finding Aid
Geographic Society of Chicago Records Geographic Society of Chicago Records Finding Aid 
Illinois Audubon Society Records Illinois Audobon Society Records Finding Aid
Institutional Records, Why Prevent Extinction symposium Institutional Records, Why Prevent Extinction symposium Finding Aid
Kennicott Club Records Kennicott Club Records Finding Aid
Marquette Geologists Association Records Marquette Geologists Association Records Finding Aid
Milwaukee Public Museum Records Milwaukee Public Museum Records Finding Aid 
Peregrine Falcon Release and Restoration Project Records Peregrine Falcon Release and Restoration Project Records Finding Aid 
Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences Records Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences Records Finding Aid
Ridgway Ornithological Club Records Ridgway Ornithological Club Records Finding Aid
State Microscopical Society of Illinois Records State Microscopical Society of Illinois Records Finding Aid 
Wilson Ornithological Club Records Wilson Ornithological Club Records Finding Aid
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