Mysterious mimicry

Blog 10
Allen Lawrance, Associate Curator of Entomology
October 26, 2021

I’m Allen, the associate curator of entomology at the Nature Museum. That means I work very closely with butterflies, bees, and other insects! My favorite part of Halloween is the creative and elaborate costumes. For us Halloween costumes are fun or spooky, but for many animals their life depends on their ability to look like something else. That’s mimicry in its simplest form, when a living thing resembles something else. Animals can do this in many different ways, and insects are experts at it. Let’s break down a few different types of mimicry insects engage in.

We’ve just scratched the surface on a few different kinds of mimicry. There’s also more to it than meets the eye. Some animals can mimic sounds, smells, and even behaviors!

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