Mysteries of the Marsh

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Discover why wetlands, which are home to nearly two-thirds of the endangered species in Illinois, are so important to our everyday lives in Mysteries of the Marsh.

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See live, local, and endangered species – including Blanding’s turtles and an alligator snapping turtle – in this wetlands-focused exhibit. Explore the interactives to see how our scientists are working to help local wetland wildlife, see preserved specimens from our institution’s history, and learn about some of the original contributors to the Chicago Academy of Sciences’ collections.

We often host our daily 11:30am Critter Connection and 12pm Animal Feeding in and around the Mysteries of the Marsh and the Istock Family Look-In Lab. Be sure to check with our Guest Experience staff for locations. These daily programs are included with admission.

A Closer Look

Endangered Species of Illinois

A wetland is a habitat that is very wet or submerged for long periods of time each year, including swamps, marshes, and bogs. Beavers, frogs, snakes, and turtles are just a few of the animals you could find in Illinois wetlands. Unfortunately, some native wetland species are getting harder and harder to find, as their habitats are lost or damaged, and more species are classified as threatened or endangered in Illinois and nearby states.

Keep Exploring

Want to learn more about the Nature Museum’s Blanding’s turtles? Check out this special episode of Curious By Nature to meet our resident Blanding’s ambassador, Bob the turtle!

Our scientists are deeply involved in conservation efforts with several endangered and threatened local species, including snakes, turtles, and butterflies. Get a peak into Dr. Allison’s work with endangered and threatened amphibians species in this special video.

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